Kai Hagen

Kai Hagen

My guest on Monday (June 27th) will be Caroline Eader, who is a well-known Zero Waste and sustainability advocate, who will be speaking about the current Frederick County process to identify, evaluate and implement environmentally-sound and economically-efficient ways to manage our solid waste, now that the controversial 1,500 tons per day incinerator is no longer an option.

Ms. Eader grew up in Frederick County. She works to promote and implement sustainable material management practices hand-in-hand with clean energy policies. She has nearly a decade of experience in legislative campaigning and advocacy for Zero Waste. Instrumental in the 2014 defeat of the incinerator, her detailed analysis of the economic and contractual obligations of the proposed facility helped shed light on its financial pifalls, as well as the environmental risks, it would have placed on our community.

She has a Master’s Degree from Vermont Law School, a Sustainability Management Certificate from University of Colorado Boulder Environmental Center and a BA in Environmental Biology from University of Colorado – Boulder.

You can listen live at 1450AM or online at http://www.wthu.org/ from 5:00PM to 6:00PM. The show will be available online after it airs.

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