Let’s Send Caroline Eader to Annapolis!

Frederick and Carroll Counties avoided the mistake of building a 1,500 tons per day trash, sludge, and tire incinerator, in no small part because a grassroots coalition of ordinary citizens educated themselves about trash incineration, and then educated county officials about the contractual and economic terms of the massive and expensive facility.

While many Frederick and Carroll County residents celebrate the cancellation of the proposed trash incinerator in Frederick, citizens in Baltimore and Dickerson still live with the hazards of incinerators in their communities.

The work isn’t over yet.

There are many lobbyists working to promote incineration. Wiser financial and environmental decisions require us to have a voice in Annapolis, advocating for responsible financial stewardship and environmental protection. Legislators need to hear from knowledgeable people who represent the interests of Maryland residents, not only from paid lobbyists and state agencies who misrepresent burning trash as clean and renewable energy!

With your support, we can continue Caroline’s work in Annapolis, where she will speak on our behalf – analyzing legislative proposals and educating policy makers about incineration and Zero Waste. She will also work to advance financially responsible clean energy.

The incinerator industry spends — invests — time and money to advocate for their interests. But it’s time to move Maryland toward reusing resources instead of burning or burying them.  Very few elected officials come to office with expertise related to waste and resource management.  They need to learn the downside of incineration versus the economic and environmental benefit of Zero Waste practices.